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140423 Eunhae tour in tokyo:

Hyuk wanted to say that he will continue to perform handsomely on stage in japan but he forgot how, so hae continued for him.

Then hae said hyuk’s brains is not good and his brain is good. 

Hyuk continue to speak in jap but keep forgetting so hae keeps finishing his line for him and hyuk shouted “I KNOW I KNOW!” in korean.


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140423 Eunhae tour in tokyo:

Hae’s introduction: 

Hae said something wrong again.

Hyuk helped Hae and said Hae actually was saying Hyuk is his best friend. Hae wants to high 5 with Hyuk but Hyuk doesn’t want.

Then Hae clapped his hand himself.

Both of them saying that they are very hot, Donghae ripped Eunhyuk’s shirt.

Hyuk said Donghae is a big pervert.

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140423 Eunhae tour in tokyo:

hae:omma is here

hyuk: yes they come again

hae: did they pay?

hyuk: they didnt, the seat is expensive, they got free for both days, please give bank account later.

Then later hyukmom did a ♡ to hyuk and hyuk reply a ♡


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The new version of  ’Oppa Oppa’

Eunhae tour in tokyo.

so hot right now

ladies and gents, the satanic version


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140413 D&E Kobe Concert - Donghae kiss(?) Eunhyuk’s cheek

DH: “Everyone, I’ll tell you a secret about Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk’s butt is pretty cute.” (c)

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